TFI Talent Strategy

Talent is the engine that drives the Toronto Financial Centre, which employs almost 400,000 individuals, including a growing pool of technology professionals. As global competition intensifies, the ongoing ability to attract, develop and retain world-class talent remains critical to both existing and prospective financial services firms in the Toronto region.

TFI works to grow and sustain our long-term talent advantage. We act as a connector - strengthening collaboration and building bridges between our partners within industry, government and post-secondary institutions. And we act as a catalyst - identifying and strategizing about today’s talent challenges, and proposing and leading system-wide initiatives that reap benefits for the sector. We are also committed to executing and publishing action-oriented research to inform the workforce planning, talent and skills development strategies of employers, educators and government.

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ASPIRE is a work-integrated learning (WIL) pilot program in financial services, designed to attract students learning in-demand skills to the financial services sector and to improve their transition from school to the workplace. Our goal is to create 10,000 new WIL opportunities in the FS sector by the end of 2020.

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Career Advisor Website

Career Advisor is a dedicated talent site to effectively inform, engage and support current and future financial services job-seekers with tailored resources.

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