Ontario Student Perceptions of Financial Services Careers

Ontario Student Perceptions of Financial Services Careers

Graduates from post-secondary institutions are an important source of new talent for firms in the Financial Services (FS) sector. As the digital shift becomes more all-encompassing and the line between business and technology blurs, FS firms find themselves competing for talent, not just with each other, but with traditional technology firms (e.g. Google, Apple), FinTech start-ups (smaller, more nimble, and often seen as “cool”) and technology enabled employers (e.g. Facebook), to name a few.

Understanding what is important to graduates as they think about their careers is key to attracting and retaining the best of this talent pool. To learn more about students’ wants and needs, TFSA commissioned Universum, a leading researcher of student viewpoints, to report on Ontario postsecondary students’ perceptions of the Financial Services sector as a career destination. The Universum survey is an online survey of college and university students across Canada. This report focuses specifically on Ontario student responses.

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February 21, 2018