TFI Releases Financial Services Talent Pipeline Report 2020

Toronto Finance International has released the Financial Services Talent Pipeline Report 2020 to provide data and recommendations to expand the talent pool for financial services. The report examines the current state of the financial services talent pipeline, attempts to make sense of the impact of the global pandemic on the talent pipeline, and uncovers opportunities for stakeholders to attract in-demand skills essential for the future of work in the financial services sector.  

“While COVID-19 has shifted workforce priorities in the near team and temporarily impacted talent demand and supply curves, a skills gap persists across many sectors of our economy, including financial services,” says Jennifer Reynolds, Toronto Finance International’s President and CEO. “This report seeks to highlight advancements in traditional education, as well as non-traditional learning programs, that are seeking to address this skills gap and producing talent who will be key to our sector’s continued growth and success.”

The report includes data and insights on three primary segments of the pipeline—early talent, international talent, and transition talent—and proposes recommendations that leverage both existing strategies, as well as new opportunities as a result of the global pandemic, to grow the pipeline. 


August 25, 2020