Blockchain Demystified Webinar - TFI Executive Speaker Series

As part of TFI’s Executive Speaker Series, Blockchain experts Iliana Oris Valiente and Fahad Shaikh help us to unravel the hype surrounding Blockchain by providing an in-depth primer into Blockchain technology, its application in Financial Services and the key skills that will be needed for success. Iliana and Fahad share their perspectives on where this emerging technology is going, the current skills shortage, and what educators and students can do to build skills for this innovative area of technology.

About the Speakers

Iliana Oris Valiente is Managing Director at Accenture and the Global Blockchain Innovation Lead for the firm’s Emerging Technology division.
Fahad Shaikh is the Director of Emerging Technology at CIBC.

About TFI Executive Speaker Series

TFI’s Executive Speaker Series connects industry leaders with post-secondary educators to highlight key trends and developments in the Financial Services sector, to better understand current and future skills required for success in the industry.

The next installment of the series will focus on Innovation, Disruption, and Start-ups - Exploring entrepreneurial/Intrapreneurial skills to embrace innovation in a rapidly changing, technologically-focused world. Further information on the next webinar will be released shortly.


October 26, 2018