Open AI / AI as a Service: An Overview of Trends and Adoption Strategies in Financial Services

AI has evolved rapidly in the past few years. Despite becoming pervasive, many enterprises are in different stages of early adoption and AI usage.

In this session, Infosys will share insights about the AI Evolution with an overview of the three horizons of AI trends: current, near term and future. The unprecedented pace of technological evolution has meant new models and open source capability every day, with developments particularly prevalent in the AI Space. With augmented intelligences beginning, AI is becoming generative and accessible and democratized with tools and platforms to help non-experts implement AI solutions. This event will delve into the role of AI as a service.

This is the paradigm that enterprises will adopt to harness the prowess of AI technologies. We will illustrate the trends and adoption strategies with case studies and examples.

To pre-register, contact Sara Anderson, Director of Strategic of Alliances at [email protected]


Oct 14, 2020
10:00 am


Online Event